When you give a gift to the York County College Community Foundation, you are helping to make the College even better serve the needs of its students and the community at large. There are many ways to participate, including providing individual student scholarships or setting up an endowed gift. Scholarships assist students financially as they pursue their educational goals. Endowments tap into seed money that provides value well into the future. With the help of the Maine Community Foundation, we manage several endowed scholarships, which together form the heart of our scholarship system. You can learn more about our unique scholarship opportunities below. Private gifts can also be made to the College through annual giving programs, planned gifts, and major or special gift campaigns. No matter what option you choose, you can feel confident that you are directly supporting a resource that not only builds the individual student it serves but the more extensive network of residents and businesses that are the fabric of York County.

We are available to help connect your passion with the needs of our students and institutional priorities. We are also happy to explore how we might partner with our donors to drive community development in the workplace and beyond. You can rest assured knowing that your gift is managed in accordance with your wishes by a Foundation governed by individuals with specialized legal, business, and financial management expertise. Our charitable giving processes are flexible and straightforward and tailored to maximize tax benefits for our donors. The role of our staff is to inform and enrich your philanthropy. You may become as engaged as you wish or rely upon College staff to handle details. We are incredibly excited to provide opportunities for you to learn more about the College, including site visits and engaging with other key stakeholders. We are proud to honor all our donors who have made an impact on the College. We also can protect the privacy of those who wish to remain anonymous.

Please contact Barbara Owen at bowen@yccc.edu to learn more regarding opportunities to support York County Community College's critical mission.

YCCCF accepts annual gifts throughout the year. Gifts can be made in the following ways.
  • Cash - donations made by credit card can be made directly on this website. Individuals wishing to make a gift via check can mail it to York County Community College Foundation, PO Box 529, Wells, and ME 04090.
  • Securities - Many donors prefer to give appreciated securities directly to York County Community College Foundation rather than sell them and donate their proceeds, as this allows for certain tax benefits. If you own securities that have lost value, you can sell the stock, take the capital loss deduction, and make a gift to support YCCC. Whether your stocks are held by yourself or are kept with a bank/broker, it is important that you notify us in advance of making a gift of securities. This will help to ensure that proper crediting and timely acknowledgment take place.
  • Matching Gifts - You can easily double or triple the impact of your gift to York County Community College Foundation through corporate matching gift programs. Speak with your human resources department to see if your employer has a corporate matching gift program. Then, please fill out a matching gift form to send to us.
  • Charitable IRA Rollover - Your retirement plan benefits are likely a significant portion of your net worth. Due to special tax considerations, you could use your plan to make a current gift. An IRA charitable rollover, also called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) helps you donate funds without counting them as income.
  • Other Assets - You can donate assets such as property (land, commercial buildings, vacation homes, or your residence), in-kind gifts (such as services or time), and tangible assets (such as equipment or collections) to York County Community College Foundation. Contact us for more information.
Annual matching campaigns are vital to the success of the College. Matching campaigns help encourage individual donation by matching the donated amount. If you are interested in being a matching sponsor please contact us. Matching campaigns include: 
  • Our (207) Challenge is held from January 1 through February 7th each year. The aim is to provide individuals and business an opportunity to contribute to the school at the start of the new calendar year. Opportunities exist for donors to match individual gifts that are made on this day.
  • Our Giving Tuesday campaign starts on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and continues through December 31. The aim is to provide individuals and businesses an opportunity to contribute to the school at the end of the calendar year. Opportunities exist for donors to match individual gifts
Creating a scholarship is a meaningful way to leave an imprint on our community. Long after a scholarship student graduates from College and builds a life and career for themselves, they will remember those who invested in their future. A scholarship at YCCC increases a student's likelihood to graduate and says to that student that someone they've never even met believes in them and their goals. However you choose to establish your legacy at YCCC, we are here to help. We will meet with you and tailor a scholarship to match your philanthropic vision. You can customize your scholarship by choosing to help students in a specific program of study, demographic background, or career goal. Endowed Scholarships start at $10K.

Your thoughtful financial planning is beneficial to you and your family and enables you to leave a lasting legacy through York County Community College. Planned gifts can take many forms. We look forward to helping you explore your options as you consider making a long-lasting gift to us. If you have any questions, please call us at (207) 216-4311. Planned Giving opportunities include the following:
  • Wills and Bequests - York County Community College's purpose is to inspire and empower our students and communities to thrive. You can establish your legacy by supporting our efforts through your estate plan or will. By including us in your will, you can specify that some or all of your assets be given to us after your lifetime. When that time comes, the asset/assets you specify will pass to us, and your estate can take a charitable deduction for the amount of your bequest, reducing the estate taxes payable. If you do include York County Community College Foundation in your will, please inform us so we can thank you appropriately for your commitment.
  • Beneficiary Designations - Name York County Community College Foundation as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy and/or retirement accounts. This is a simple way to give that provides you with tax advantages as well.
  • Trusts - A trust can help you manage your assets prudently and flexibly. It allows you to design a financial plan that meets your current needs and the needs of beneficiaries who survive you. A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a gift arrangement that allows you to retain an income for yourself, your spouse, and/or others while making a generous gift to York County Community College Foundation. As a charitable remainder trust donor, you irrevocably transfer assets, usually cash or securities, to a trustee of your choice (for example, a bank trust company)